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Dairy Deep Roots

With deep roots and sincere passion for dairy cattle and dairy products,  our milk has the history and commitment to back its great taste.

A dairy farm started in the 1940's by James Riley Chaney instilled a passion in generations to come to produce the best product possible while taking superior care of their livestock. James started milking Jersey cows in 1942 in the same location Chaney's is still milking today. Getting up to milking over 20 cows by hand, James eventually moved to more technology for his growing herd. James loved the Jersey breed and was behind the some of the top cattle in the nation, receiving many awards for his efforts in bettering the Jersey breed.


In 1985 James sold the herd to his son Carl who worked with his father until he passed in 2011. Carl and wife Debra have three children, all of whom were and still are very involved in the farm: Jessica, James Neale and Elizabeth.

Due to poor prices making for poor times in the dairy industry, Carl, with support of his wife Debra and children, began the process of looking for new ideas to help save the family farm. In 2003 Chaney's Dairy Barn was established allowing for the family farm to continue on.

In 2016, the family reached another crossroads and needed to make a decision on the future of the farm. With a strong commitment from the family and Carl's niece Dore Baker jumping on board as the farm manager, it seemed to be the perfect storm for progress. With a new barn, complete with a compost bedded pack barn to optimize cow comfort and a state of the art Lely A4 robotic milking system, the cows at Chaney's are truly some of the most happy cows you will find.

In 2018 the Chaney family decided to revisit some of the ideas and goals they had from the very beginning.


With the support of family, friends and her spouse, Carl's youngest daughter Elizabeth made the move in 2017 to begin the process of being able to pasteurize the milk on their farm from their cows allowing them to sell fluid milk, make value added products such a cheese and yogurt and most importantly provide an ice cream mix to Chaney's Dairy Barn that is made with the milk from their cows. This will make Chaney's the only place in Kentucky making an ice cream that comes from their own milk.






Committed to quality and care, the Chaney Family promises for a safe, consistent premium product that comes from the happiest cows in Kentucky.

A huge Thank You to the community, friends and family that have supported us along this journey.

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