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Every drop of our milk is packed with protein, 30% more calcium and 9 essential nutrients that is produced from the cows on our farm, piped through the wall and delivered to a store near you within days. Our commitment is not only to a quality product, but also quality care to the Jersey girls on our farm. 


We hope you enjoy our products and invite you to come see the real stars of our operation.  


Whole Milk

For our whole milk, we start with our rich jersey milk. We then standardize the milk to a 3.75% butterfat which is slightly higher than most whole milks.  These together makes this a must whether mixed with cereal, or a standalone evening before bed ritual.

  • Gallon     

  • Half Gallon   

  • Single Serving (14 oz.)



This product is a skim base that includes an enzyme that helps to break down the lactose making it more digestible.  This is perfect for our friends that love dairy, but hate the discomfort it can sometimes bring.

Coming Soon!

  • Gallon     

  • Half Gallon   

Chocolate Milk

This is milk as the cow produces it, making it between a 4.25% and 4.75% butterfat product.  What better way to partner this than with a premium chocolate cocoa powder making this perfect for your little ones or even an after workout recovery drink. 

  • Gallon     

  • Half Gallon

  • Quart   

  • Single Serving (14 oz.)

2% Milk

Looking for something a little lighter? Then this is your pick. Still maintaining amazing flavor, but cutting back on the fat slightly to meet the needs of customers that might prefer it.  When partnered with a fresh fruit smoothie, it is truly a winning combination. 

  • Gallon     

  • Half Gallon   

  • Single Serving (14 oz.)


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We are closed the following holidays:

Easter, Thanksgiving,

Christmas Eve & Day,

 New Year's Eve & Day





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